Serum No.3 Anti-Aging

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Our revolutionary Pro-Collagen serum reverses the signs of aging before they appear by awakening and energizing the scalp for shinier, stronger, fuller hair. It boosts Collagen to prevent follicle miniaturization, weakening, and hair loss. It rebalances the scalp, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and leaves the hair full of vitality thanks to our superpower ingredients: Amla and our revolutionary FMP10® complex to boost Collagen and hair growth + Organic Pea Sprouts to reduce hair loss + Wakame Bioferment to enrich hair follicles, contributing to the cell longevity, minimize damage at the cellular level, and boost Collagen synthesis + Cysteine, Panthenol, and Adenosine to stimulate hair growth and density + Lactobacillus and our FM5® Biome for a microbiome balance + our Microcirculation Booster.

Packed with our super-ingredients, this scalp serum rejuvenates the hair and scalp by maintaining a healthy environment for stem cells. It boosts Collagen levels to prevent hair loss, promotes hair growth and density, boosts microcirculation, nourishes and protects scalp and hair, delivers shine, and strengthens weak hair. This is our Superpower Serum.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use. Apply after washing your hair while your scalp is still damp. Apply 12 to 16 drops covering the entire scalp area. Massage deeply with circular movements. For maximal results apply daily in the morning and/or evening to a dry scalp. The non-greasy formula will not affect your hairstyle. It will remain intact. Follow with the Flora routine prescribed for your scalp and hair length. Applying a Flora scalp Serum is a fundamental step in any Flora routine. The Flora Serums may be combined.

Warning: If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


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