Serum No.4 Densité

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Biomimetic Peptides 

Our revolutionary Molecular Technology Densité Serum stimulates hair growth and density to provide fuller, thicker, healthier hair thanks to Biomimetic Peptides to reactivate follicle stem cells and fibroblasts for astonishing hair growth, collagen synthesis, and improvement in hair follicle length + Biotin to improve hair density by normalizing the ratio of anagen and telogen hair growth phases + Cysteine and Adenosine + Niacinamide + D-Panthenol to support fiber thickness and regeneration of damaged hair + our revolutionary FP5® Biome for a microbiome balance + FMP10® for overall scalp and hair health and strength + Green Tea.

Densité, our power scalp serum, boosts and reactivates hair growth and density. It relaunches stem cells to trigger new hair growth cycles and increase dermal papilla fibroblast metabolism, causing stem cells to switch to the anagen (growth) phase faster.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use. Apply after washing your hair while your scalp is still damp. Apply 12 to 16 drops covering the entire scalp area. Massage deeply with circular movements. For maximal results apply daily in the morning and/or evening to a dry scalp. The non-greasy formula will not affect your hairstyle. It will remain intact. Follow with the Flora routine prescribed for your scalp and hair length. Applying a Flora scalp Serum is a fundamental step in any Flora routine. The Flora Serums may be combined.

Warning: If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Category & Size: 30ml