Serum No.1 Scalp Balance

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Our breakthrough Scalp Balance Serum rebalances the entire scalp microbiota (bacteriobiota and mycobiota). It maintains and restores scalp health with our proprietary FP5® Biome, a functional complex of active ingredients combining Amino Acids, Micropeptides, and  Marine Bioactives for a beneficial effect on the bacterial microbiome and fibroblasts, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis + Lactobacillus to boost the population of friendly bacteria and provide anti-irritant and soothing benefits + Capsicum to increase microcirculation and the cell metabolism factors + Floral Water to help release soothing molecules (beta-endorphin) + Vitamin C.

A balanced microbiome is the key to scalp and hair health. This is why our Balance Serum should be a part of a daily routine for everyone, including all genders and ages. It helps restore and maintain a healthy microbiome balance. Balanced scalp skin ecology is crucial for a healthy scalp and strong, shiny hair. This is the most important step in achieving dense, gorgeous hair.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use. Apply after washing your hair while your scalp is still damp. Apply 12 to 16 drops covering the entire scalp area. Massage deeply with circular movements. For maximal results apply daily in the morning and/or evening to a dry scalp. The non-greasy formula will not affect your hairstyle. It will remain intact. Follow with the Flora routine prescribed for your scalp and hair length. Applying Scalp Balance Serum is a fundamental step in any Flora routine. The Scalp Serums may be combined. Note*: You can feel some heating and tingling sensation with the first few applications. It is normal, proving that the active ingredients are stimulating the microcirculation.

Warning: If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


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