Reverse Shampoo

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Guardian of Microbiome & PH Balance

Reverse Shampoo preserves pH & microbiome balance with: Lactic Acid for pH balance + our proprietary FP5® Biome complex for microbiome balance + Beta-Glucan & Wheat Oil to soothe, hydrate, strengthen, and protect + FMP10®, our proprietary Molecular Technology blend of Micropeptides and pure, short-chain Hyaluronic Acid of the highest quality to improve fiber structure, strength, and fullness + Phytic Acid for protection from metal deposits.

This shampoo cleanses while protecting and restoring the natural balance of the hair and scalp microbiome. It does not over-clean the hair nor weigh it down with unnecessary ingredients that could upset the scalp and hair balance. Instead, it preserves and restores natural pH balance and a balanced microbiome to make sure the scalp and hair stay healthy and shiny. That is why we call it Reverse Shampoo. Protects from heavy metal deposits and environmental damages. Suitable for all genders and ages.

HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use. Apply to wet hair and massage gently. Rinse. Repeat as needed. It can be used on its own or after a Flora scrub or scalp mask. Follow with the Flora routine prescribed for the scalp and hair length.

Warning: If contact with eyes occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Category & Size: 300ml